The Pinga Girls are definite richies when considered in the term of fame or bank balance!

Yes, You read that right! Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone has a getaway to Hollywood and since then, the duo has increased their brand value. The filmi media reveals rates quoted on their behalf is quite whopping. Piggy Chops and Padukone are charging 1.3 crores for a 4-minute performance at IIFA ceremony. And of course, the attendants of the award ceremony are paying the amount to the most beloved actresses of Bollywood.

The organizers of International Indian Film Awards (IIFA) were in talks with several celebs to perform on stage but couldn’t refer the names other than the biggest divas of Bollywood. Venue of IIFA, Madrid line-up Deepika and Priyanka as the most popular actors to be on stage and organizers would not have agreed more to this.

Well, their market value is completely justifiable. Nothing turns up audience more than these two actors on stage.


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