A brilliant and outstanding video made by famous youtube channel Blush along with Dove. This Video is about to change the notion of what a real beauty is. It is based on a nursery rhyme,
Chubby cheeks, dimple chin
Rosy lips, teeth within
Curly hair, very fair
Eyes are blue-lovely too.
Teachers pet, Is that you?
Yes, Yes, Yes!

We have believed since our nursery days that curly hair, blue eyes depicts the real beauty but this video shows that it’s time to rethink what we have been taught. Every person is beautiful in its own way.

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This video is made on few sports girls: Rutuja Parker, Aditi Sinha, Akshita Karkera, Mrudula Parande, Iccha Priti, Amruta Satre and Sakshi Shetty.

Background rhyme Chubby Cheeks is sung by students of Children’s Academy, Malad, Mumbai.

As the rhythm increases in background, these girls are seen sweating it out in the video.

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Titled by the rhyme “Is That You” alongside the campaign #ChangeTheRhyme redefines what real beauty means.

Watch Here Blush and Dove co-presented “Is That You” Video


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