The movie is going to tickle your funnybone this weekend through new film, Ice Age: Collision Course. It is scheduled to release in India today, right a week before it opens in USA. The movie as per the schedule is running in Indian from today.

Commencing with the review, Movie will take you across the fear of a giant hub that creates horror around the earth. Of, course he has come with an objective to put an end to life on the planet but there we introduce Buck, Diego, Sid and Manny in order to save everyone from the meteor’s impact.

The new and funny gang find themselves around some good adventure. Buck seems to be the main character in the movie and is voiced by Actor Arjun Kapoor. He also put some classical dialogues of Munna Bhai, Circuit and Anil Kapoor’s Jhakaas to the movie content. He is a very interesting character who is mad as well as genius. The movie will right hit the Bollywood junction when these characters will put the action into the drama and everyone seems to enjoy this part. Also, there are few characters adding fun, entertainment to the movie.

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Concludingly, Collision Course is a fun-filled, fast paced and probably a long running series. It is sure to keep all the kids and audience well entertained through-out the movie with fun and loud adventure.

Overall, it’s delight to watch the movie.


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