Watch Psychological Remake of ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, we might get a sequel soon


Movie of the millennium ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ has its own following. This generation’s most defining and iconic film, still alive in millions of hearts.

Farhan Akhtar directed Dil Chahta Hai is recreated by Cinema Beyond Entertainment through a psychological perspective.

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All three actors are compared to the elements of our personalities defined as the Id, the superego and the ego. This video describes how much these characters resemble to our subconscious mind.

Watch Dil Chahta Hai through a unique psychological perspective here:

There are also some rumours about sequel of this movie. Recently, a fan page asked Farhan Akhtar for the sequel of the movie and he replied

Lately, Alia Bhatt also quoted she would love to do a female version of Dil Chahta Hai with Shraddha Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra. So, there are strong chances that we might soon get a sequel to enjoy.


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