Watch Friendship Day Special Short Film: This Beautiful Documentary will melt your Heart away



Friends it’s not just a 7-letter word, it has got a deep deep meaning. They are our second parents, standing by us in the bad times and celebrating with us in the good times. Life would be so uninteresting without them, almost impossible to imagine. When you feel alone, they are the only ones who can make you feel, Boss, don’t worry we are always with you. Feelings and emotions in this relation can’t be explained in words. Friends don’t see any age gap, any cast, any religion, they just need trust and affection.

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To show the depth of this relation, Director Srimanta Sengupta brings you a short film starring veteran actress Kamini Kaushal and Gourav Passwala. Watch this Friendship day special short film and celebrate this beautiful relation with your friends.

Watch Friendship Day Special Short Film Here:

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