How can someone just never fail to impress?

Consider her as acting in a Movie or throwing up an Ad for the lovers, she has flattered everyone across the world. Deepika Padukone is considered as one of the royal, beautiful and playful faces of the industry. The new Tanishq ad is nothing but a heartwarming story that Deepika Padukone narrates through the video. She did something for her manager that is very special to experience and depicts her compassionate nature for people around her.

Watch the ad that presents new Tanishq collection “Queen of Hearts” and experience love.

A #QueenOfHearts doesn’t walk alone; she walks along with the people who make her who she is! @tanishqjewellery -TeamDP

A photo posted by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on

The lucky girl was planning to ditch and found “Queen of Hearts” Deepika Padukone !


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