Kids reality singing show ‘The Voice India Kids’ started 23rd july on &Tv and already has started to spread its magic all over the country. This show is loaded with cute contestants and their beautiful voice and performances to make some blasts.

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Lets show you some magical performances of these adorable kids.

1.) Pranav Singhal aka Guddu from Uttarakhand is 14 year old but voice of this kid is enough to fail many experienced singers.

Watch Pranav Singhal’s Performance Here:

2.) Shrishti Chakraborty has rocked the stage with her performance on ‘Manwaa Laage’

Watch Shrishti Chakraborty Performance Here:

3.) Jasu Khan from Rajasthan has started singing when he was just 5 years old. He is one of the best singer in The Voice India Kids. Jasu Khan’s ‘Maayi Re’ performance will literally give you goosebumps.

Watch Jasu Khan’s Performance Here:

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4.) Saanvi Shetty from Bengaluru is 12 year old and she had already won many hearts through her singing.

Watch Saanvi Shetty Performance Here:

5.) Shayon Biswas is 11 year old chubby cheeks kid from Kolkata. He performed on Dilwale’s song ‘Gherua.’ He melt many hearts by his singing.

Watch Shayon Biswas Performance Here:


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