“Casting couch” is one of harsh realities in the cinema line. There are certain changes or to put it in more positive way, Bollywood has progressed in the past few years according to her. By her, we mean Surveen Chawla, who started off her career from TV and later turned towards Bollywood. She has openly discussed the topic for which other members of the industry still zip up their lips and avoid commenting. The actress after justifying her great role in Hate story 2 has out shown her acting skills in south movies too.

She emphasised that she didn’t come across Casting Couch in Bollywood but South definitely made her witness the harsh reality. She never permitted to entertain such barter system for her work. Here is what she said regarding the matter:

“I feel very great that I have not encountered this (casting couch) here (Bollywood). I have faced this (casting couch) down south and of course I refused to give into that…Honestly I can only comment on it if I had encountered it in Bollywood. I don’t know if I should call it sheer luck”.

surveen chawla

Distinguishing among the “desperate about work” and “desiring about work” she added, (I am) not desperate to give in to anything to barter myself in exchange of work…I am too much in love with my dignity and self respect. Work will bring me work and that’s my motto”.

Thanking her luck, she claimed to never experience such a thing in Bollywood but would not deny its existence in past. Casting couch existed in Bollywood decades ago but could not surpass her protective forces.

Life would be beautiful if only actors were given work based on their talent.


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