Karisma Kapoor and Sunjay Kapur are no more a married couple as we all know. The ex-couple has been in news based on their marriage disputes. After the continuous split on and off of 13 years, they called off (divorce) their marriage last month. However, Karisma’s ex-husband Sunjay was seen with Priya Sachdev and were expected to take the next move together.

But, it seems like Sunjay has not moved on from Karisma yet. No, not we are assuming the climax relating it to filmy story. (None can take back their cool after seeing their ex with an else person).


It is evident from the scene that Sunjay Kapur created in a restaurant at London. Sunjay got down to restaurant for a dinner evening and entered Karisma with her rumored boyfriend Sandeep Toshniwal. Well, Sunjay has been in news for his aggressive behavior and couldn’t control his temper looking his ex-wife other man. He got so angry that started to shout and did not take back his cool until his friends reminded him that they no longer in a relationship of husband and wife.

Sunjay has already troubled Karisma a lot during their marriage tenure and should remember their marital status in future too!


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