If you think you know them all, then you are probably wrong!

Bollywood has been doing extremely well when it comes to name and fame. And, if we talk about the prospects of money then world knows what Bollywood generates. There is always something steaming happening around the B-town. Either it is about the some movie release, dating rumours of celebs or social lifestyle lead by your favorite celebrities. Hence, the celebrities and their related people are exceptionally interesting to know about. Still there are some important faces unknown to the majority of you.

Here, we have some compiled the names and pictures of not-so-popular wives of popular celebrities:

#1 Govinda & Sunita Ahuja: Well, this new face might have been caught in some events but we are sure that it is rare to happen.

8Govindawife#2 Honey Singh & Shalini Singh: Knowing Honey Singh is quite obvious but let us introduce you to his wife “Shalini Singh“, who has not been among the limelight. Aren’t they cute?


#3 Emraan Hashmi & Parveen Shahani: In reel life, the serial kisser is exceptionally good to match-up the chemistry with the co-stars but in real life, he has put down all the love for his wife and life, “Parveen Shahani”.

maxresdefault (1)

#4 Himesh Reshammiya & Komal: Knowing them individually would be easy for most of you but watching them together can make you look twice. Yes! They are a couple for life, “Himesh Reshammiya & Komal“.

Himesh-Reshammiya-wife#5 Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Anjali Siddiqui: Nawazuddin Siddiqui is creating a fan list by his acting around the globe. Can’t resist mentioning his lady love “Anjali Siddiqui” who has          probably stood behind his success.

08nawaz#6 Sharman Joshi & Prerana Chopra: Yes, he is married! The very popular Sharman Joshi has a beautiful wife besides him, “Prerana Chopra“.

sharman-joshi#7 Shekhar Suman & Alka Kapur: Shekhar Suman created the world of laughter around the world for many years would have definitely impressed the lady with his sense of humour. “Alka Kapur“; Ma’am you are exceptionally lucky to have a bundle of happiness around.

shekhar-suman-wife-alka-kapur-during-enigma-launch-event#8: Irrfan Khan & Sutapa Sikdar: Brilliant acting and amazing personality of Irrfan Khan is known to the entire film fraternity. He has called his wedding in 1995 before entering the      line of Bollywood. Married to “Sutapa Sikdar“.

10BGACTOR_IRRFAN_K_2368777f#9 Sunny Deol & Pooja Deol: Majority of you would be unfamiliar of this name and face,            Pooja Deol. Sunny Deol and “Pooja Deol” were married long time back but alike father, he has also kept his personal life under wraps.



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