We wrote about Sunjay Kapur’s reaction after seeing Karisma with her rumoured boyfriend, Sandeep Toshniwal a few days back. Also, we mentioned how Sunjay’s friends made him understand about his marital status with Karisma that he no longer has any right to react upon situation like these.

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Well, we couldn’t conclude the reason for his behavior at that time but the news reports surely disturbed him. Sunjay has given a statement that puts an end to all speculations related to the matter. Here is what he has to say after learning about news reports:

“In the light of some patently mischievous news in the media, I am issuing this statement to state that all reports in the press about us are incorrect. While we have agreed to part as partners in marriage, we both are deeply committed to our children whose happiness is foremost in our hearts. We both will always be cordial to each other and wish the best for one another. I thank our friends and media for their support and request that all speculation be put to rest finally.”

*Curtains down*


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