Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are giving serious friendship goals to people around the world. This world class duo that remained in the news due to controversies is currently running strong on the track of friendship.
This picture came straight from twitter panel of Shahrukh who captioned it, Bhai bhai on bike bike. No pollution…bhai says “Michael Lal Cylcle Lal”. Well, the picture is addressing a world class message to decrease use of cars and start riding bicycles as a replacement. By this picture we can easily interpret how much this bro bond is again getting stronger between our karan and arjun.

Additionally, pollution is one of the major issues going across the country. It requires to be abolished soon in order to keep the country safe and secure.
Hence, both the actors are trying to curb the pollution level around the country. Also, spotted Aryan Khan, following his daddy dearest in the campaign.


That’s really a very beautiful way to connect with the fans and encourage a noble cause in superstar way.


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