Salman Khan and Controversy, they have been like siblings for many years and this time sallu bhai has done it again, stuck in another situation on account of his statement during a group interaction with media in Mumbai. He stated something insensitive and now being trolled by a mass of people on social networking sites.

During the shoot of Sultan, he was explaining his experience of wrestling during  the shooting. He stated that role of Sultan was quite demanding “You look like a fraud if you haven’t trained properly. You need to put in those many hours as any wrestler does and that’s what we have done. Now when you are shooting, you are continuously wrestling for 6 hours. So, if I have to pick up a 120 kg person, and drop him down, I got to do it 10 times. In the wrestling match, it happens once or twice. Ten times from 5 different angles for 6-7 hours, either I am picking up or throwing him or he is picking me up and throwing me. It is like the most difficult thing. When I used to walk out of the ring, it was actually like a raped woman walking out. I couldn’t walk straight. I would eat and then head right back to training. That wouldn’t stop.”

Here is the audio clip of Salman Khan with media

His comparison of his situation with ‘Raped Women’ stunned reporters at the event. It sounds insensitive and anti-feminist. Although, he realised his mistake and soon apologised that he shouldn’t have made this comparison.

He also urged reporters not to publish this statement which seems to be a freudian slip. But, once the arrow shoots from the bow, then we can’t undo it.

He got mixed response from people as few are saying that it was just a misquote and few want him to apologise and this discussion right now has become one of the most trending topics on twitter.


Lalitha Kumaramangalam chief of National Commission for Women (NCW) stated “Considering the number of women fans he has, he shouldn’t have made such a statement. Salman Khan should apologise.” and asked bhaijaan to apologise within 7 days.


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