Bollywood superstar Salman Khan released from two 18 year old Blackbuck and Chinkara poaching cases today by Rajasthan High Court in Jodhpur. Salman has hearing in Rajasthan High Court on monday 25th july and now he is acquitted from both the cases.

Rajasthan Court said that the pellets found in animal’s body were not fired from Salman’s Licensed Gun. Although the case against Salman got weak due to missing driver of Salman’s Jeep who took salman and his friends on this hunting mission.

Local Bishnoi community in Jodhpur has been fighting this case and their leader Mahipal Bishnoi stated “We can go to the Supreme Court against the verdict”
Sallu Bhai once got imprisoned for a week in 2007 in the chinkara case. Salman Khan’s lawyer Hasthimal Saraswat said “When the court asked for the bullets it was proved that they were not fired from that gun.”

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Two separate cases has been filed against Salman Khan under section 51of Wildlife Protection Act for poaching of two chinkara’s on 26-27 September, 1998 in village Bhawad and one in Mathania on 28-29 September, 1998.

The Trial court sentenced him one year and five year imprisonment on 17 Feb, 2006 and 10 April, 2006. Both these cases were similar to Salman’s hit and run case, where Trial court sentenced him but acquitted by High court.


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