The Sultan Jodi has come up with a grudge between them. Well, can’t make out the reason for Anushka’s words but will simply put them right here for you. She said, “I don’t know him at all. I have done one film with him and that’s the amount of interaction I’ve had with him.”

Her statement when goes down the knowledge of Salman Khan turns to be shocking for him. According to source, “It was very unnecessary of Anushka to make these comments and say these things about Salman. It sounds strange when she says that she doesn’t know Salman at all. After working with him on the film, how can she go out and say that she’s intimidated by him and doesn’t know him at all.” Adding to the impact of her statement, “He made a few phone calls to check if she had indeed said it. When he learnt that she did say those things he was a bit confused! He thought that Anushka enjoyed working with him.”

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But, keeping the bright face in front of media, both of them took pictures and faced media well for Sultan’s success at Panvel. This event took place on Friday and both were seen to remain smiling but story behind the scene is different as per the sources.

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Anyway, the Sultan seems to be upset with Anushka. We wonder if they will make an on-screen appearence in the future or not.


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