Today is 21st June 2016, anniversary of our Yoga Day. It is our privilege that our country gifted something to other countries of world that has its own mental, psychological and cognitive benefits. Yoga is also helpful in accruing our memory, prudence and contrasted with emotional and volitional processes. Yoga will gift you hundred’s of benefits once you get used to its practises.

As the Prime leader of India, Narendra Modi also has his own quotes to represent International Yoga day.

Best five quotes of PMO on International Yoga day are:

1.  We must celebrate Yoga day because Yoga gives us health assurance at zero budget.

2.  If you practise Yoga, you will understand that Yoga is not about what one will get rather it is about what one can abstain from.

3.  Just like you have made the mobile phone a part of your life, you should also adopt yoga.

4.  UN celebrates many days all year but Yoga Day has become a Jan Andolan (people’s movement) unlike any other international day.

5.  June 21 picked on India’s request as International Yoga Day, it is the longest day as Earth is closest to Sun.

Yoga has proved to be one of the best therapies all over the world and it gives us maximum number of benefits compared to any other exercise. It is prevention that is better than cure, so we advise you if you haven’t started it yet, then give it a try from today 21st of june celebrated as International Yoga day and feel the improvement in your psychological and mental well-being.


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