Watch Out: Mischief King ‘Ranveer Singh’ is back with his new Ad


Ranveer Singh Kellogg's Ad

Ranveer Singh, famous for his insanity and madness, whether it is Chotta Rustom act or Shahrukh Khan’s dance video, clicks with his fans or surprising people, his dubsmashes videos or his guts of accepting any challenge. Every time he came up with something new and this time he is showing his craziness in Kellogg’s Oats new Television advertisement.

In case if haven’t seen Ranveer Singh’s Chotta Rustom Act Watch here: Ranveer Singh Trolling Rustom by Chota Rustom Video in Epic Way

He is the new brand ambassador of Kellogg’s Oats and this commercial perfectly suits his personality.

Watch Ranveer Singh Kellogg’s Oats Ad here:

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