Mumbai was the first venue to experience auditions held by Lakme Fashion week. Later, it moved to Guwahati, Assam which can be defined as the first ever North East Model Auditions. They organize auditions to provide a platform for upcoming and aspiring models to come on runway and share their talent. Criteria for selection were neither Skinny girls nor the girls on heavier side. They wanted to select a strong and promising face that can carry any type of garments. Lakme Fashion Week pictures are completely flawless just as the models.


The basis of judgement was real and went down with designer Atsu Sekhose, a resident of Nagaland only and Barsha Rani Bishaya who is an actor from Assam, and rest of the judges from the industry itself.


The models wore traditional Assamese Mekhla Sadors despite the western wear. Selection of costume was to celebrate the heritage of Assam and depict the other side of fashion. Contestants were over-joyed to receive a platform like this and felt relatively over-whelmed to come across Lakme Fashion week which is big for aspiring models. From over 107 female vying their chance to walk the ramp, only two were selected.


Moreover, the event was held to make a getaway for Indian Women instead of European white skinned girls being a past culture of LKW. This is not only to revamp the importance of Indian beauty but to encourage Indian Outfits that deserve to stand out among the running trends.

Watch the influencers of Assam here :


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