So, That’s how Katrina Kaif got the Perfect Figure for Kala Chasma Song


We have seen many celebs to go through a rough diet to maintain their body structure in accordance with their movie. Whether its Aamir Khan for Ghajini or Salman Khan for Sultan. Recently Parineeti Chopra’s abs also debut in bollywood through Jaanemann aah.

Lately, one more star in bollywood has followed a tight schedule to achieve the perfect body she wants.
Yes, Katrina Kaif carved her body even further, she already owns a great figure and still manages to sculpt it a little bit more and now can be seen flaunting it in her next movie Baar Baar Dekho’s new song ‘Kala Chasma.’

Watch Kala Chasma Video Here:

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Well, according to a report Katrina had given up a lot of things which includes Water, Salts and Carbs. She has also been sweating some fat in the gym with yasmin. Her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala was making her to follow up some tight schedule.

During an interview, Yasmin stated “We’ve been only doing Pilates, different sets of Pilates and a lot of cardio. I have been doing a lot of alignment work especially on her abs, focusing more on her abdomen. But having said that, we’ve been equally working out on her arms and other parts of the body. You know, I keep changing what she needs to do depending on the look that she’s giving. But these abs are definitely because of her combination of Pilates and cardio.”
She also explained that Katty has been very strict and disciplined about her schedule and diet. Yasmin said “Katrina is very, very good with her food. She has oat cake in the morning followed by lunch which will be fish and vegetables. Later, she’ll munch on healthy snacks in the evening, which we serve at our gym say like healthy cakes, protein crushers and stuff like that. They are made out of low sugar, dark chocolate, so that it comes tasty and healthy at the same time. Then for dinner she eats eggs and soup.”
Well as we know, whatever we do or follow but something can’t be achieved if their’s no hard work and smart work and it looks like that it really pays off for Katrina and her new carved figure.


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