John Abraham’s to play as Captain Hawa Singh in his next Biopic


Now-a-days Bollywood is known to play well on the real life instincts of boxers, wrestlers, and running champions. The upcoming biographical film showcases the lead role of John Abraham representing the famous boxer Hawa Singh.


The film is based on achievements and story of Hawa Singh who entered the world of boxing when he was 19 years old. Going forward, the boxer took the mastery over western command only after he was able to defeat Mohabbat Singh in 1960. His 1961 to 1972 was a period of glory when he earned gold medals and inked his name in the history of Indian boxing. Hawa Singh was set to fight against Mohammad Ali but couldn’t make it to the ring due to some political disputes. Not only he stood as the champion but gave country the names of Vijendra Singh, Akhil Kumar and Jitendra Kumar.


The story of this legend would not have come up without Sam Fernandez who made the production of the film possible and John who is ready to turn pages of the Indian Boxer in this biopic.


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