Movie “Udta Punjab” is determined to be a shot-up for change in the state. Punjab Government is completely moved by how the population is dominated by youth drug addicts. Certaining the youth to be future of the country and the same is wrecked by drugs which is getting on the nerves of Punjab.


Hence, the Government decided to get a way out of the prevailing issue. Students who are aspiring to take admission in college have to go through the test which will reveal amount of students who are drug addicts. Victims of drugs will not be permitted to college and the series will contribute in finding the number of students who are affected.

Higher Education Minister Surjit Singh Rakhra says, the campaign will begin from Mahindra college of Punjab. The facts reveals Punjab covers 48 number of Government Colleges that has admitted 80,739 students while the private colleges being 136 with an approximate number 1.88 lakh students. Once the revolution set its pace then private colleges summon to include the practice from 2nd Year.


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