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The spat between Kangana and Hrithik took another turn which was not yet expected as the affair has always been behind the curtains.

B-town as intervened to be around the controversies but something of this kind is keeping filmi press on toes. The matter was not among the steaming list until Roshan and Ranaut got involved into legitimate practices.

The speculation started off when Kangana mentioned him as the “silly ex” which was quite disturbing for Duggu. He sent a legal notice asking for apologies for spoiling his repo through not so respectable identity. In the response to this, Kangana slapped back a notice of 21 pages which blames Hrithik with criminal intimidation and threat.

The hush hush affair which remained low profile after 2015 has now got another dimension when Roshan claimed, “Nothing is behind me, It is in front of me, and will be soon in front of everyone”.


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