How Cute! Sonam Kapoor Went Down a Rickshaw Ride Just to Enjoy Monsoon.


When Rains Kick you down, what you do? If you get up some day and catch a celebrity inside a Rickshaw, what will be your next move? Do nothing other than experience the simplicity they hold within.

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Sonam Kapoor is the only actress who is known for the great fashion sense in Bollywood. And, anything done by her is totally inspiring. The actress pulled an Auto Riskshaw and went for the ride is sign of simplicity or another trend to follow, girls? We so loved these Snapchat pictures and hope you like them too.

Here, we go inspired by her Rickshaw monsoon getaway.


We’d love accompany Sonam if come across such an opportunity. 

sonamr2-576x1024Promoting Rickshaw walas cannot be better than this. 


This is going to be another trend probably.


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