Being away from public’s eye is not a choice made by Honey Singh but alcoholism and mental condition is the main reason behind his disappearance. This sole rapper and bollywood sensation was fighting against bipolar disorder from past 18 months.

Yes, you read that right!

Yo Yo Honey Singh has to sadly undergo medical treatment and intense care of doctors in order to overcome Bipolar disorder. Superstar of the time who is famous to come up with party anthems was out of singing arena from past few months. As per the news, he was not in a state to interact with people other than family due to constant mood swings.

Yo Yo Honey Singh

Honey Singh, acknowledged doctors to help him around for his speedy recovery and optimum medical care shown towards him. He is really grateful to the team of doctors for his current health and would return the favor in every possible way. “I think I’m not my own, or my parents’ property. I belong to my fans who have made me. They needed to know, and this was the best time to talk about it.” Time could not prohibit his love for writing poems and has a list of them to work upon, he added.

Waiting for the Punjabi Rapper to give a bang in Bollywood soon and wishing him good health in the future!


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