Get Ready to watch a Real life story of a person in “Gurgaon Movie”


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Gurgaon is a movie about stylish life people live, whom to trust, what makes a person to do any crime, how pampering parents are and who love you in front of you and hate you at your back.

Gurgaon is a story about  Kerry Singh who has made a good image of him in real estate business, who is very rich but has a very scary past which is unforgettable by him.Kerry Singh has adopted a girl child named her Preet. Well, his love for his daughter Preet is unconditional and his each and every business is named after her. Preet has returned back after completion of his studies in architecture. Kerry Singh is very close with his daughter preet and he expects that Preet should enhance his real estate business. Else Kerry Singh has 2 sons ( Nikky Singh & Chintu Singh ).Nikky is an angry young man who has an unexpected loan on him.Once Nikki loses in betting and now, has to repay a huge amount due to which he sinks into debt. And to resolve the debts he takes an action which ruins his whole family. To get the money, he plans to kidnap his sister. But, things don’t go as planned. What happens next? For that, you need to watch the film.

“Leading roles”

3“Pankaj Tripathi”

Pankaj Tripathi is an Indian film actor who has appeared in some of the Bollywood movies including Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 1, Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 2, and Agneepath. In 2015, he played the negative role in Zee TV’s Sarojini. And in Gauroan movie he is playing a role of father.