Remembering Sarabhai and thinking of how epic the show was. The fresh episodes and even the old ones kept everyone gazing on screen while the show was on. Show got ended 10 years back and sorrow behind the Goodbye still resides in our heart.
If you are a 90s kid then going back to the days of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai can be one of your desires.
Hold on to your breath guys! The show might return with its complete cast and a new season across your channel. Of, course we can’t go back to the time of early 2000s but bringing back the hilarious attacks is possible. Coming across the producer J.D.Majethia’s Twitter post which says, “Sarabhai family at satish ji’s place… Some good news for fans on its way” gave us a hint that the show might return soon. Check out the latest picture and video of entire cast having gala time:

Can’t wait to see and I am sure the upcoming season would conquer our hearts as well.


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