Well, keeping the jealousy apart when the Deepika and Ranveer confront media after the award ceremony of IIFA 2016 can be the most stunning moment to look at. The couple is madly in love which not only the industry claims but their nurturing bond is evident after watching Deepika and Ranveer at IIFA recently.

The individual trophies are a sure instinct of success but they do deserve a couple trophy for having a beautiful relation. Let us see the only “nomination” for the beautiful couple award GIF way:

  1. Ranveer could barely sit on another chair with Deepika. So cute!

chair_14671209592. While she spoke down to the media, Ranveer couldn’t take his eyes off.Deepika-Ranveer

3. Deepika competing to run on the same chemistry and kept looking at Ranveer while he was speaking.

Deepika-Ranveer4. These stealing glances at Ranveer were caught… Deepika!

ezgif com-optimize 3_14671210275. When Deepika was on the other side of Mike, Ranveer was caught showing his playful expressions.

Deepika-Ranveer6. Awful side when Deepika points Ranveer to stop gazing and look towards the camera while speaking.Deepika-Ranveer7. Couldn’t get more adorable than this. Deepika shuts down innocently for stealing the speech of Ranveer.


Can’t get enough of this couple who got love struck. Someone call for a common award to share between Deepika and Ranveer of Insane Love.


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