Deepika Padukone has set an example in front of everyone by fighting against depression. She acted as a role model and fought with depression like a pro. She appeared on national television with her mother to talk regarding the issue of mental health and depression. The Piku starrer believes there is no shame in speaking about something that troubles you and became a reason of your downfall. She suffered from depression but managed to surpass it and so can you.

And, Yes! Life gets better after you are out of that bad phase. Because Deepika achieved a lot more and went on top in her career after she came out of her depression mode.

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Here are some inspirational instances to learn from Ms. Padukone if you are struggling with depression:

  1. Play a Sport to Fight with Depression: Everyone has an athlete in them who can give strength to fight and teaches to never give up. You being a girl or boy can always choose a sport to play and stand against your depression.


  1. Speak to Your Near and Dear Ones: Celebrity speaking about their issue can serve a global purpose. It will bring out the topic that generally sweeps under the carpet of society. Talk to your close ones and share your problem. They know you more than anyone and support you during those bad times.

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  1. Place Your Depression for a Good Cause: Turn towards something which involves depression as one of the ingredient. Do not escape the depression fear and learn to fight throughout the journey. Stay Strong, Stay Confident!


  1. Don’t Put Yourself Behind the Bars: Not alcoholic bars, we are talking about the bars of depression. If you are facing low and high in a constant way, move outside the doors and take a roller coaster ride of life. Travel the world, spend time with the people you love and escalate your lowest side.

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  1. Sunlight Stands Against Depression: If you are facing the lows, you will tend to remain in the dark room and refrain from light. But, that is the wrong way to escape problem. Light may not eradicate your issue in one time but slowly and steadily will put you in the brighter section of life.



Deepika sold her depression to Nike, what are you doing to beat depression ?


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