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Everyone in industry dreams of getting highlighted in lands of hollywood and creating a successful place in the spotlight of west, but only few of them reaches there.

Today two of our bollywood divas Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone is making us proud in the West every minute with their work. After her Tv Series Priyanka is all setup for 2016 and upcoming 17 while Deepika will soon be on floor with Mary kom actress.

But Naseeruddin Shah and Anil Kapoor have completely different takes on their Hollywood innings.

Speaking to a leading daily, Anil Kapoor said, “The stuff you are seeing now is nothing. Yeh kuch bhi nahi hai. This is nothing, You mark my words. I said this seven years back and nobody took me seriously and I am telling you again now. You are happy seeing this? This is nothing. The real deal would be when a young guy or a young girl gets a role and becomes a huge star. Am I making sense? When someone who has just started her career and her first film happens to be a Hollywood one. It will happen. Someone will definitely become a huge star.” Well, we can’t say when this real deal of AK will happen but we wish for both actresses to reach and set a scale of success high enough for everyone to reach.

But on other hand Naseeruddin Shah’s grating words that might prickle more. He said, “These people who are tom-tomming their entry into Hollywood are all going to come back very soon. Because Hollywood has no place for an Asian to play a lead. It’s a one-off thing.” May be the history of Asian Actors/Actresses uphold this statement but We hope this time PC and Dippy changes these old tales of bollywood!


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