If we talk about Highly Paid professions in the world then Cinema will top the chart. People in this industry are paid highly based on their skills, talent and performance on screen.

Moreover, here we will talk about the celebrities that are highly paid around the world. The leading name among the list is Taylor Swift earning $170 million but if we come down to India, and then there are only 2 Indian names among the 100 positions in 2016.

The only Highly Paid Indian Celebrities to feature in the list are Shahrukh Khan who secures 86th position and Akshay Kumar on 94th position. This may shock a few to have them present lately in the list but for others it could be a great sign to even view their presence.

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We congratulate SRK and Akki to secure position in the highly paid celebrities of world.

Well, the great entertainers of Bollywood stand back in the list but lead Indian Cinema, ANYWAY!


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