Madhuri Dixit Nene has brought a storm in Bollywood with her dancing and giving Indian cinema a list of big hits. While building up her career she was caught in the midst of controversies. This timeless diva has kept her position in the industry that no other actress can match but a page describing controversies is also related to this actress. Here, we mention the list of controversies that Madhuri has gone through in her Bollywood tenure:

1.  Noodles ad Controversy: Well, this one goes down with the approval for Maggie. But, Madhuri was highly criticized by fans and blamed for promoting Maggie back then with legal notices by Uttar Pradesh Government. All the legal actions went simply down with a good comeback of Maggie but surrounded this Dhak Dhak girl around a controversy.o-MAGGI-MADHURI-facebook

2. Liplock Controversy : Madhuri Dixit shared screen with Vinod Khanna in Dayavan(1988). She not only agreed to work with a 20 year old actor but also agreed to shoot a sensous scene with him which requires a liplock between both the actors. This kissing scene became more famous than the movie itself and after a decade also madhuri still regrets to get indulge in that scene.

1280x720-iRi3. Link up Controversies: Madhuri Dixit was a name that ruled several heart of that time. She was not only the most beautiful actress that every director wished to sign but also topped the list of guys who wanted to work with her. Madhuri Dixit was rumoured to have many link ups and some controversial affairs too, from which one was Sanjay Dutt. The rumour describes that they were in a serious relationship but ended when Dixit’s father did not accept him as son in law. Reason being he is already married and got separated eventually with time and rising conflicts.


4. Beauty Product Controversy: Madhuri was stuck back in a controversy that is narrated followingly. Rumours have to say that Madhuri denied the use of skin care product for herself which she was endorsing since a long long time. Later on, rumours went off regarding the matter as she did not give any such statement.



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5. Money matter Controversy: Madhuri was approached to promote her home state by Maharashtra Government but demanding whopping price money for a 21 day program brought her image to an extreme low. She was considered selfish to charge a heavy amount of 21 crore from her home state. This matter turned out to be ugly as created her wrong image in front of the government and it gave her a tag “Too Pricey.”


6. Madhuri Vs Sridevi: Do not call it as a war but putting in the cold war category is the right mention. Two beauties of early 90s collected all the love and movies in their account but going around the same level came out as the burning issue. But Sridevi was more experienced than Madhuri and hence, tried to charge more from the producers. This became a reason for her downfalls and appraisal of Madhuri who was focused on work and not money.


Keeping rumours aside, Madhuri Dixit has been and will always continue to remain a timeless diva of Bollywood.


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