King of Bollywood and one of the remarkable actors of all time “Shahrukh Khan” had delivered many outstanding films in this era with some significant characters played by him.

Recently, ‘Gaurav Chandana’ role played by Shahrukh Khan in his latest movie “Fan” performed much lower than expectations with few crores loss to Producers and Distributors of the film but still managed to get on the list of Shahrukh’s highest grossing movies of all time by shifting “Om Shanti Om” to 9th Position.

Lets check out the list of SRK highest grossing films of all time :


12.  “My Name Is Khan”

My Name Is Khan starrer Shahrukh Khan and Kajol directed by Karan Johar is about a character “Rizwan Khan” a Muslim from Borivali, suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, due to some painful incidents after 9/11 attack decides to meet President of America to tell him “My Name Is Khan and I’m Not a Terrorist.” This movie gross collection was 75.00 Crores and it ranks number 10 on our list.



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