Maybelline new York big apple’s red collection being a new campaign for the brand. Alia Bhatt was seen to promote the new collection and is simply in love with the color red that distinct her look than ever before.


Alia’s statement for red color enhances the brand image and distinguished as the significant way to endorse. Talking about the statement which mentions, “What is love about red is that it can transform your look from soft and simple to bold and playful.”


Alia was seen as a high-on-fashion avatar as she was wearing a black leather wrap dress, boots highlighting the lip color and nail paints as her persona. She demonstrates the collection which has a red for everyone to stand out with a bold and “Make it Happen” attitude. Also, the range has come up with six nail colors and five lip colors inspired by Big Apple – New York.

Terminate your old look and employ the new collection that blends with every mood and event!


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