Bhakti Sharma, a hardcore swimmer and a rising talent from ‘Udaipur’ has broken many records in long distance swimming. She set a world record by swimming 2.28 kilometres in 41.14 minutes at 1 degree C temperature in the freezing water of Antarctic. She is the youngest swimmer who swam in all 5 oceans of the world.

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This open water swimmer hopes to put india in spotlight at 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and is trying to raise some funds for her training cost to reach Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Recently, she was supported by a well known personality A.R.Rahman. He tweeted on his panel for supporting Bhakti Sharma to get through her goals in 2020 Tokyo Olympics which creates a proud moment for our nation.

A.R.Rahman Tweeted :

By motivating and supporting Bhakti Sharma, A.R.Rahman shows us that how we can encourage girl empowerment in the right way by supporting these kinds of promising talents of our country.

Bhakti Sharma‘s achievements have earned her recognition from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of India Pranab Mukherjee too.

Let us support this rising talent and give her a chance to make our nation proud once again.

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