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The youngest celebrity of B-town, Alia Bhatt has not turned to acting as her profession but doing simply well. Must say, she is riding high on the path of success and has justified her presence since she made it to Bollywood. Despite being brought up around the celebrity lifestyle, Bhatt always comes up with best acting, performance, dance and singing abilities in movies. The girl has done so much in a span of four years that gives us a complex about expecting so less with our life.
Let us compile her streams of talent.
1. Alia began with her first movie, student of the year that was challenging in the terms of weight loss. She was supposed to lose a 16 kg and was accomplished well by her. She took away hearts of many people around the country right at the first time. Being unfamiliar to screen was no case as she acted in “Sangarsh” as a child artist.

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2. Being raised in the celebrity family never got into her attitude. She kept herself at an actor in front of the film fraternity and not a frontyard of fame and publicity. Talking about her personality, she is enriched with generous nature and smiles tacked up to her face.

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3. Her singing abilities were never a secret to a world. Her first playback for the movie highway took her to the school of A R Rahman. She took lessons on singing and came up with melodious creation and one of them being, “Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki”.

4. Online trolls about Alia Bhatt started from the show, “Coffee with Karan”. It went on since Alia was not able to answer few GK questions. Alia displayed her cool attitude and did not react to any such trolls going online.

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5. Her acting in Udta Punjab and Highway is not only admirable but took her way ahead from glamour. She nailed it completely by setting new standards for other actresses in the industry.

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6. She already had captured a spot with top leading bollywood ladies of all time in cover page of Vogue Magazine.

7. A great supporter of PETA and a complete animal lover. Alia has been a part of free advertisement campaign to support cats and stray animals.



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