Well, despite the age of some people and lack of interest by others, the overall audience is just going mad for these celebs Tweets. Bollywood and Cricket is popular due to its celebrities and their lifestyle which inspires everyone around the globe. Twitter has become a popular destination for every celebrity to connect with followers and everything on twitter certainly goes with a closer impact.

While few celebrities have acquired top position among the list of followers, other famous celebrities are still on their way to reach heights on this social media platform. Nothing drags more than headlines coming from their twitter profile whose impact can be seen in recently occured instances. Check out the list of few celebrities who are very popular on Twitter these days:

13. Virat Kohli

None other than Virat Kohli has acquired a remarkable position as cricket sensation. The Punjabi Munda is doing quite well in his career and social media. Being among the top 10 famous celebrities on Instagram is ranked 11th with 11, 193, 225 followers.

12. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin, acknowledged as god of cricket. Even if he is retired, still Tendulkar cannot stop to go off the hearts of cricket lovers yet. This cricketer has captured a place on Twitter at 10th position with 11, 535, 354 followers.

11. Akshay Kumar

Akki has a distinct position among the outstanding celebrities which is not to be denied. Countless hits and this stunt man directly jumps to 9th Position with 13, 063, 786 followers.

10. Hrithik Roshan

The micro-blogging website ranks Hrithik Roshan on the 8th Position with 14,202,457 followers. Maybe Kangana and Hrithik controversy is empowered through the ongoing tweets.

9. Priyanka Chopra

The Quantico girl has acquired the favoritism for one and all. One of the most stylish actress of Bollywood has settled a trend in bollywood and hollywood. She is on the 7th mark with 14,202,457 followers.

8. Deepika Padukone

Bollywood super girl Deepika has a maximum number of followers on Instagram but took 6th rank and 15, 085, 119 among the twitter list. We wish her to reach the top digits soon.

7. Aamir Khan

This Idiot holds 5th Position with the followers reach of 14, 455, 307 on twitter. After his show Satyamev Jayate has disappeared with its season, Aamir is also known to make a seasonal entry on the website.

6. Salman Khan

Hardly an issue for how frequently the big boss host makes a visit to twitter. He already spots a major fan following despite some controversies that revolve around him. He jumps on 4th position at twitter and followers shows the latest count of 18,300,990.

5. Shahrukh Khan

The “king khan” has made 20,092,839 Jabra fans around the globe. He keeps a constant belief to stay updated on social media with his tweets and like to connect with the followers, likewise. Needless to say, he is on the 3rd position at twitter.

4. Narendra Modi


And, here is our Prime Minister one position away from being on the top. He recently shifts Shahrukh Khan from his 2nd position and after seeing his popularity we can presume, he might reach on first position soon. Followers like when he shares his views up right there from his twitter account. Modi is maintaining the count of followers with a figure of 20, 880, 724.

3. Amitabh Bachchan

None of you can deny the illustrative fame of Big B in the B-town. He will anyway remain on the top when it comes to fans and popularity. The news goes quite apparent but yeah, Amitabh Bachchan has 21, 371, 619 followers securing a 1st place on twitter.


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